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How to Visit the Sahara Desert of Morocco | Moroccan Desert

The Sahara Desert of Morocco is the largest hot desert in the world covering approximately almost 60% of Morocco's total land area. It is located in North Africa and caracterised by its immense sand dunes. However. The Moroccan Sahara desert offers a range of tourist attractions. Such as camel trekking, Quad biking, sand boarding, camping and visiting some Berber villages. Many visitors come to experience the desert adventure and to explore the cultural immersion of the Berber villages. While some come specifically to witness the breathtaking night skies.

The Moroccan Sahara desert is a fantastic place with a rich history and culture. However, There are many different ways to experience this desert. But the best option is to go on a desert tour. For instance, you can start your desert tour from Marrakech to Merzouga desert. where you can have a magical desert experience in the biggest sand dunes of the famous Erg Chebbi. Which the most visited in Morocco and they are known for their unique large size and shape.

It attracts a lot of adventurers every year because of the vastness of its landscapes. So they can feel the beauty of the real Sahara. And enjoy some activities like Camel trekking and trying sandboarding or Quad biking and camping under the stars. You can choose between staying at a luxury camp. Or sleeping under the stars in your tent while exploring the area's stunning landscapes. While you can also relax and watch an amazing sunset and a starlight sky beyond compare.

In the southeast of the Moroccan desert there is a village called Zagora. With a desert of Erg Chigaga dunes which is known for it's vast sand dunes. Stony plains and it is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Such as gazelles, sand foxes and various bird species. The area around Chigaga is known for camel trekking and cultural adventure tours.

The Moroccan Sahara desert is a vast and diverse region. It offers a wide range of landscapes, activities, and cultural experiences from the iconic dunes of Merzouga. And Erg Chebbi to the Chigaga desert, whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion. The Moroccan Sahara desert is the perfect destination for you. See her on some of our Desert tours.

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    Cheap Morocco Tours, Budget Tours, Morocco Travel Company, Morocco Tours
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