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Gnaoua and Khamlia village  

Khamlia village

Khamlia village is a small village in Morocco Sahara, it has been found in the southeast of Morocco, next to the Algerian border. It is well known for being a place where the Gnaoua - a group of musicians and shamans, call home - The Gnaoua are known for their distinctive music, which combine the Islamic poetry and anthems with traditional African rhythms and songs.

The history of the Gnaoua is interesting, they're thought they have brought from West Africa in 16th century and were taken to Morocco as skaves. They get their own distinct religion, language, and culture progressively over time, which is a synthesis of different spiritual traditions, and African animism and Sufi Islam.

The Gnaoua are well known for their spiritual healing skills with their music, they include music into their religious rituals as they still think that it can solve both mental and emotional problems. Most of the tourists, while they visit Khamlia can learn about their practices and even contribute with them under the guidance of a Gnaoua.

Tourist that are are interested in music, culture, and spirituality, we suggest the visit of Khamlia as a unique and special place to visit in morocco, this small village and its people give a unique glimpse into a rich and complex cultural tradition that has been  remained for centuries.

in a nut shell, Khamlia is one of the best attractions in Morocco where you can experience Gnaoua music with moroccan culture, the village is home to several Gnaoua families, who still lives and practice their traditional lifestyle. Tourist can often attend performances of Gnaoua, it is always  held either in a small cafes or private homes.

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    Cheap Morocco Tours, Budget Tours, Morocco Travel Company, Morocco Tours
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